Sept 03 — Lost in a Maze

This prompt will place your character in a maze or a labyrinth. Only you, the Mighty and Invincible Author holds the key to your character’s freedom! *Mwahahaha*

Savor your awesome powers for a moment.

Now, let’s get writing!

The Prompt

Your character is lost in a maze with the instructions to find a very important document or treasure hidden in its center. Or perhaps the character has lost this important thing, and must find it before the wrong person does. Added bonus points if they must battle a minotaur, dragon or fearsome magical villain. 😉

(Never fear. If your story isn’t fantasy, this prompt can still work!)

Alright, Awesome and All-Powerful Author. Its time to get writing.

Now go!

Leslie Marie Dawson is an indie author, blogger and artist who revels in stories of fantasy, romance, and comedy. She can be found hiding in her hermit cave with a laptop, stack of good books, and glass of water (sadly she’s given up soda). Please stop by her Hermit’s Cave to see the cool things she makes!

Be sure to comment below and share what you came up with!



17 thoughts on “Sept 03 — Lost in a Maze”

  1. I started really slowly with this story, and I felt myself rushing because I wasn’t sure I was liking what I was writing, but I decided to forget about time constraints and focus on trying to write a good story. It went all sorts of places I didn’t imagine, but I did add in one of my signatures (which is using a letter in my stories), and I tried to have a lot of fun with what I was writing. Which I did. I don’t expect to be this ambitious every day, but it felt amazing to push through the frustration and continue to write. You can read my story here: https://storiesbystolle.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/day-3-ordained-by-ghosts. The password is 3.

    1. Always a good thing! For me the prompts so far are fitting together so well that I’m just continuing the story I began Tuesday. We’ll see how long it lasts… 🙂

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