Sept. 21 — Running Away

Today your character is in trouble. I mean really BIG trouble.

In fact, your main character (mc) has had enough. So he (or she) is going to do it.

Run away, that is.

The Prompt

Your character is being forced into something they do not want to do: an arranged marriage, eating their broccoli (!), working for someone they know is evil. So he or she is running away to avoid it. Suddenly there’s voices nearby/a light flashes on/someone steps into the passage ahead…Your character stops, heart pounding, afraid of discovery.

What happens next? Only you know the answer…

So get writing! I’m dying of curiosity over here! 🙂

Leslie Marie Dawson is an indie author, blogger and artist who revels in stories of fantasy, romance, and comedy. She can be found hiding in her hermit cave with her laptop, a stack of good books, and a glass of water (sadly she’s given up soda). Please stop by her Hermit’s Cave to see the cool things she makes!

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13 thoughts on “Sept. 21 — Running Away”

  1. I feel like one of my recent stories related to today’s prompt about someone who is in trouble and then seemingly gets caught and then the story has to show how said person dealt with it, so I decided to spend today finishing up a story I wrote on Day #6 and continued to Day #10. This is part 3 and the conclusion (if such a word can be used) of “Crescent City Blues.” You can read the story here: https://storiesbystolle.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/day-21-crescent-city-blues-part-3. The password is 21. The first two parts are still on my blog—just use 6 and 10 as passwords, respectively, for those two days.

    1. I enjoyed that story Chris, I felt as though I was in the tunnel with your character. I am currently doing some family research and your opening statement of being unable to find out everything is so true.

      1. I dabble in family history from time to time, although it’s just as fun to write about other families. I need to piece all three parts together, clean it all up a little, and see if it all still works. It’s not easy to write such a long story if you’re not working on it daily or at least a little more often than I have.

    1. That was interesting, although the name Britney was a bit of a giveaway for me and it turned out pretty much how I thought. It was good how you started out thinking one thing, but it turned out to be completely different.

      1. Oh good. Britney is exactly where I want the giveaway to be! As for it turning out differently than expected, I’ve been writing a lot of serious scenes for my current WIP so I think my muse takes the opportunity to be silly for this story a day challenge as often as possible.

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