StoryADay Q&A

Q. Are you ready for StoryADay May?

A. You don’t have to be ready. Just make sure you’re ​on the list to receive the daily prompts​, decide how many days you want to write, and show up.

(A.2. You may want to warn the people you live with you’ll be writing more and vegging on the sofa less in May. You may want to finish up editing that other project you have on the go, to clear your brain for new ideas…but these are optional extras. Really, just have to show up!)

What are YOU doing to get ‘ready for StoryADay May’. Leave a comment (and the answer ‘nothing at all’ is a valid answer!)

Keep writing,


P. S. Me? I’m neck-deep in writing prompts and soooo excited to show you what I’ve been up to. I have a new way for you to interact with the challenge this year and I think you’re going to love it. Details soon…

5 thoughts on “StoryADay Q&A”

  1. I’ve listed out 51 ‘Story a day Ideas’ – a breadth of things from a poetry idea, some instructional items, and other bits of randomness. I’ve been done ‘Story a day’ with Julie and others in the past, missed a year or two and other pressures so am back again and raring to go.

  2. I have been getting my novel “ready to publish” … I might just get there by April 30th! But even if I don’t I can go into StoryaDay May with much less work needed, and I’m grateful for the motivation the challenge is providing!

  3. I was working very hard to finish a revision of my novel. Then, I added about 8 more hours of writing to it. (Found a new ending). So I will be doubling down the first week of STADM. So, I am making sure that all my other commitments for the month of May are minimal. BWAHAHAHAHA, NOT!
    I have a weekend trip planned to the States, my daughter is coming home for at least a week, the flowerbeds need to be dealt with, (summer is almost here), you know….Life.

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