StoryADay September 2016

It’s that time again: StoryADay September makes its triumphant return for 2016!!!


  • If you need a kickstart after your summer or winter break
  • If you’re not writing as much as you’d like
  • If you haven’t found your writing support group yet
  • If you are excited by the idea of spectacular success and glorious failure
  • If you would like to end this month with more first drafts than you would do alone

Join us!

(Keep reading, below, for this challenge’s instructions)

Even If You Fail, You Win

Confession Time:

I utterly failed at StoryADay May 2016!


I know!

I wrote 10, 100-word stories and then stopped writing short stories.

BUT (and it’s a big but — I’ll wait while you let your inner 10 year old enjoy that…)

I stopped writing because StoryADay May kickstarted my creativity so much that I worked like a madwoman on my novel instead!

  • I wrote 18,000 words on my novel
  • I powered through the crisis, climax and conclusion and finished the draft…
  • …Even though I’d been completely stalled since January!!
  • One of the 100 word stories I wrote during the first 10 days of May became the seed of the climactic scene of the novel (a scene that had my critique partners on the edge of their seats – yay!)
  • In August I pitched the novel to nine different agents at the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC and all of them want to see pages (one wants the full manuscript).

This is what StoryADay May did for me this year.

Imagine what StoryADay September could do for you.

How This Is Going To Work

On September 1 I’ll post the first seven prompts for StoryADay September, and again, once a week after that.

You can find them here at the blog or sign up to get them in your inbox. OR you can buy the book now, and plan ahead!

If you want to take part, here’s the skinny:

  • I’ll post once a week, with links to 7 writing prompts( If you took part in the May Challenge, they’ll look familiar!). You won’t receive daily emails like you do in May.
  • You post in the comments section of each day’s blog post to say you’ve written your story (or to appeal for moral support as you struggle on)
  • Cheer on the other writers, spread the word, tell your friends.
  • As always, the prompts are purely optional.
  • Use #storyaday on Twitter to find other participants
  • Have fun!

I know I’m posting this a little late (summer was FUN!), so I’d love it if you’d help me spread the word about StADaSept ’16.

Post about it, Tweet about it, Facebook about it (really? Did I just do that?), tell your favorite bloggers to write about it…

It’s never to late to jump in to the challenge, so join us!

3 thoughts on “StoryADay September 2016”

  1. What a great website! Your first story was very intriguing and descriptive. It’s clear you have an insight to these characters that I don’t — I haven’t played with fan fiction in years — maybe I ought to give it a fling again. 🙂

  2. So excited I didn’t sleep, and got started on Day One in the wee hours. I’m slower doing the blogging (new website; still learning!)

    Here’s my intro post, and my Day One post should be ready shortly….whoosh- off we go! =D

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