SWAGr for May 2021

It’s that time again: make your writing commitments for the month with the Serious Writers’ Accountability Group

Welcome to the Serious Writers’ Accountability Group!

Post your goals for this month and let us know how you got on with last month’s goals.

I’m pretty sure I know what ONE of your goals might be this month 🙂

Serious Writers' Accountability Group

Leave a comment below telling us how you got on last month, and what you plan to do next month, then check back in on the first of each month, to see how everyone’s doing.

(It doesn’t have to be fiction. Feel free to use this group to push you in whatever creative direction you need.)

Did you live up to your commitment from last month? Don’t remember what you promised to do? Check out the comments from last month.

And don’t forget to celebrate with/encourage your fellow SWAGr-ers on their progress!

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Examples of Goals Set By SWAGr-ers in previous months

  • Finish first draft of story and write 3 articles for my school paper. – Courtney
  • Write on seven days this month – Clare
  • Extend my reading and to read with a ‘writers eye’- Wendy
  • write 10,000 words – Mary Lou

 So, what will you accomplish this month? Leave your comment below (use the drop-down option to subscribe to the comments and receive lovely, encouraging notifications from fellow StADa SWAGr-ers!)

(Next check-in, 1st of the month. Tell your friends!)

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19 thoughts on “SWAGr for May 2021”

  1. May 2021 Goals
    1. Finish and publish my website — seriously this time.
    2. Write as many poems as I can using the StoryADay prompts. My original plan was to write one a day, but I already missed that goal, thanks for being in the process of moving and trying to start a business and an additional job. I’m determined to write at least four new poems to share with my monthly poetry group and to consider compiling into a collection centered around Galveston — where I now live.
    3. My stretch goal is this: Finish reading The Emotional Wound Thesaurus and use it to create character arcs my two protagonists.

  2. Goals for May:

    1. Minimum 500 words/day
    2. Minimum 5250 words/week
    3. Finish “Portal” first draft (short story)
    4. Finish “Fireflowers” (short story)
    5. Get newsletters out on 5th and 23rd
    6. Get “The Confederate’s Wife” draft to 1/3rd.

  3. Back on the SWAGr list after several hectic months, but May is still busy – 3 weddings in 4 weekends (including my own son’s), so why not throw StoryADay in there too? Target 10K words, SOMETHING written for each prompt, and 2 blog posts. Good luck everyone!

  4. April goals achieved except for finding a storage solution to turn the corner of the bedroom where I write into an attractive inviting space……….now top of list for May!
    MAY 2021 GOALS
    Solve storage issue.
    Continue daily habits….
    Reading with writer’s eye, keeping notes on things that impress me.
    Collect Story Sparks.
    Write a Storyaday with Julie’s support. ( I’m not quite in a personal position to become a superstar but working towards it. 🤞).
    Start the next chapter of my novel.

  5. Apparently I’m writing a story every day?

    Also, my “stretch goal” is to do an hour of either brainstorming or revision. Not expecting to hit that every day, but if a given story comes relatively easily it might happen.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Well. This is a new one for me – setting public goals! But I feel like I’m ready for that 😀

    In the Month of May I will:
    Fill out a story framework card every day (this is where I need practice – completing a high-level story plan).
    Plan (& hopefully write! But I only commit to planning) my blog post series on creativity.
    Complete 5 short stories (any length is fine).

    Thank you all for being my witnesses & supporting my writing journey!

  7. This May:
    -Write a micro a day
    -Enjoy my 2 week writing class with Matt Kendrick
    (Sure, I’m not nervous at all, haha)
    -Write one blog post
    (it’s been many, many months since the last one)

  8. Let’s take a look see at April’s goals.
    April Writing Goals:
    ~S4S–1,000 words: 688 so far!—DONE
    ~Original 5k–5,000 words: Outline done—DONE
    ~IPQ–2,000 words: Idea made, sorta….—my person dropped but I picked up a pinch hit and it is DONE
    ~ULX–1,000 words: Well, I’ve got the doc made….—DROPPED
    ~RPX–500 words: Title and idea—DONE
    April Other Goals:
    ~Get job—JOB OBTAINED
    ~Start newletter—DID NOT
    ~Read more—NOT AT ALL

    I wrote about 11,000 more words last month. Yay!

    May’s goals:
    ~Story A Day in May, yay!!
    ~Drop some big bangs and DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MORE FOR THE LOVE OF !!!
    ~Fandom 5k: 5,000 words, might drop
    ~Hurt/Comfort: 1,000 words, might drop
    ~Stork Swap: 1,000 words, don’t want to drop
    ~Multifandom Drabble Exchange: Max 300 words, probably won’t drop
    ~Holmestice: 1,000 words, REALLY don’t want to drop
    ~Soul 2 Soul: 1,000 words, Idea already made

    Did I mention I have a problem?

    Other May goals:
    ~Settle in at work

    Phew! I’m exhausted just writing those out. But! Story A Day must commence.

  9. Hello. My SWAGR commitments for May 2021 are the following: Write for each prompt. Complete at least 4 stories a week. Gather more sparks. Read short stories. Be gentle on myself.

  10. Don’t seem to have left any goals for last month:-( Oops!
    This month I will: –
    1. Attempt to write a short story a day (or at least plan one)
    2. Continue to edit a draft novel of around 60,000 words.

  11. Three goals:
    1) write at least one story per week
    2) update my notes on the High Arctic (weather, light, nature, people)
    3) spend Thursday mornings at the library with my writing group – while I still can!

  12. Coming to the desk pumped to write a story every day in May – no matter how thin or meaty or sweet or sour. One can always adjust the flavors after throwing a few things in the pot. 🙂

  13. Write a story every day in May (starting stories counts).
    Got to specified morning sprints with a friend, 3x per week.

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