[Writing Prompt] 2000 Words

It’s Sunday, but it’s no day of rest for we writers.

The Prompt

Write A Story of Around 2,000 Words


  • This is a common length for editors to request from new writers in fiction publications. It’s a length that allows you to display some style and character development, without getting too carried away and lost in the woods.
  • Remember that, even at this length, you’ve only got a maximum of around 1600 words to tell the actual story. Try to get to the first really interesting event by the time you’ve written 500 words.
  • At this length, it might be helpful to do some planning. Take your idea, think of a character and their defining characteristic, pop them into a setting and think about how you might give them some conflict (that relates to their character strengths/flaws).
  • You have room for some supporting characters at this length, but remember that word ‘supporting’. They are there to teach the reader something about the main character, not so much about themselves. This isn’t a novel, with subplots and fans who’ll create a wiki…

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