[Write on Wednesday] Inventor’s Day

Did you know Feb 11 is Inventor’s Day in the USA?

Oxford Words Blog Screenshot

Well, it is. The terrific OxfordWords blog has an entry about 10 products that were named after people (did you know them all? I knew some, but others were a surprise!).

The Prompt

Write about an inventor or his/her invention


  • You can use a real invention or make one up.
  • You could write a faux scholarly article/history of the person/invention.
  • Your story could be set at a middle school inventors’ faire, where kids have to dress up as famous inventors.
  • Perhaps your story follows an incident in the life of your inventor years before, during or years after the work on the invention. What brought them here? Where did their life go after the invention? What’s it like to invent something that took on your name? (If you want a tragic example, look at Richard Jordan Gatling, who was convinced he was inventing a weapon that would lead to smaller armies and less suffering).
  • You could go whimsical, with an invention of the type that ends up in an As Seen on TV box.
  • You could throw a little magical realism into this story as the invention produces unexpected results.