[Writing Prompt] Naked!

Next Tuesday is Release Day for a new picture book illustrated by our friend, the lovely and talented Debbie Ridpath Ohi. The book is called “Naked!” and was written by Michael Ian Black. (The two previously collaborated on the hilarious “I’m Bored“.)

It’s such a good title, that we’re going to steal it today.

The Prompt


  • Use the term literally or figuratively to put your characters in an interesting/awkward/trying situation.
  • You can start the story with the moment of ‘being naked’ or you can end up there.
  • Consider the fact that physical nudity means different things in different cultures. Perhaps this is your chance to explore the naturist community or invent a futuristic colony in which clothes are considered vulgar.


How Naked! did you go? Leave a comment, below, about how you handled this prompt (or a link to your story online, if you posted it anywhere).