[Write On Wednesday] Stolen Secrets

Thanks to StoryADay-er Jeffrey T for recommending this resource!

Postsecret.comPostSecret is a site where people confess their secrets online, via postcard. Some are sweet, some are sad and some are downright disturbing. They are all fantastic moments that suggest short stories.

The Prompt

Write a story based on a secret shared at PostSecret.com


  • If you’re worried about ‘stealing’ someone’s story, don’t be. You’re inspired by the emotion behind their postcard, or the moment that it evokes. What you write won’t be their story. It’ll be yours.
  • Don’t quote the actual words on the postcard (that’s plagiarism). Just think about what inspired the person to confess this secret and go from there.
  • Don’t choose one of the tragic ones unless you like writing tragic stories. I liked this one, this one, and this one.
  • Don’t be surprised if your story veers away from your first assumptions.
  • Focus on the moment suggested by the secret. Write only about that. Use as little backstory as possible, for a taut, emotional story.