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  1. Julie, your podcast on Obsession got me so fired up in the best way possible! I was driving along as I listened, talking back to you as if we were having a conversation. “You’re so right!” I kept saying out loud to no one but myself…

    Thank you for your inspiration, insight and encouragement. Your podcasts and emails are a bright spot in my writing practice and I’m grateful to you!

    1. I love this so much.
      And it’s good to know someone’s talking back to me! 😉

      Thanks for your kind words and keep writing!!

  2. Your podcasts have kept me writing throughout this very difficult past year (when there were thousands of other things pulling for attention). Thank you!

  3. I just found out about this. It’s really cool and I would like to join in. Is it too late? I didn’t take the month of April to prepare and we’re 15 days into the month. I have been needing encouragement to get back into writing. Maybe this would be just the ticket to give me time to sit down with my thoughts and go.

    1. It’s never too late! Just jump in on Day-Whatever and do what you can to write a story every day. You don’t have to use each day’s prompt, but do come back and check in, let us know how your writing went each day. Glad you found us!

  4. Finally finished my story, Treasure Hunter, sixteen hundred words. Thanks for having this cool challenge. Not sure how good it is, but at least I finished one. Goal is to try to write a story or something on the next novel everyday of the month. Looking forward to writing more short fiction.

    1. Well done. And congrats on skating right past question of how good it is. You can worry about that later. 😉 keep up the good work. (And I love using StoryADay to do background writing my novels’ worlds)

  5. I did write a short story today!!! Without your motivation to write a story every day in May, I know
    I would have said, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Thank you for this challenge. I now have a rough draft of
    a story that can be revised and edited when I have no new ideas.

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