The Secret – 26 Sep 2015

Lots of  people have been party to a secret at some point, either one they’ve been told or one they have tried to keep and this is today’s focus.

The Prompt

The Secret.  Your character has one, or knows about one. Will it be kept, or disclosed?


No not this time.   Today it’s completely your call.

Go ahead, have fun and write…


Vanessa ‘Rosie V’ Cooper is mum to five and Nanna to two wonderful (though rather noisy and ‘full on’) children/grandchildren. In Feb 2016 she will begin a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing with The Open University.    Check out how she’s faring so far at one of the two sites she is gradually building up: Rosie Speaks About… or The Book Lover.

12 thoughts on “The Secret – 26 Sep 2015”

    1. I enjoyed your story Kristi, is that more of an American thing? I’m sure here (England) there is no issue in Costa, Starbucks, etc in ordering a tea. Maybe because we are a nation of tea drinkers!

      1. Yes, most Americans are obsessed with coffee. In every coffee shop there are a ridiculous amount of choices for types of coffee but if I’m lucky I can choose between 3-6 flavors of tea, if they have any at all.

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