Visibly Invisible

Prompt: Visibly Invisible

Today’s prompt is about the inner self of your character trying to break out, to be seen, to be heard, to simply be acknowledged.

Think along the lines of being present in a group, yet you’re being discussed as if you were not there.  Now multiply those feelings by 100 for your character who, for reasons you will develop, cannot (at the moment) speak up for themselves.


  • Why is your character ‘invisible’?
  • You may want to go down the path of personal knowledge, for instance someone with a severe disability which restricts their line of communication.  Yet they are ‘in there’ and fully aware of what is going on around them.  How do they feel?  What can they do to get attention, and help?
  • Perhaps you want to go the fantasy route and your character has had a spell put on them.  What or who will break it?  How does the ‘invisible’ one deal with the situation they are in and what do they do to help themselves?
  • Your story should conclude with your character achieving ‘visibility’.

Not too many tips this week – let your imagination, and your emotions run free with this one.

Let’s GO!

11 thoughts on “Visibly Invisible”

    1. I can tell you had a lot of fun writing that. There are some really good sentences and descriptions. I think i’ve commented that some of your other stories seemed like non-fiction, and this has the same feel. I would call it fictional non-fiction. It comes across slightly more like an essay than a story. In many ways it is difficult to determine what is fiction and what is non-fiction.

      1. I think my journalism background feeds into my fiction too often. I need to break free from those molds and be much more informal. Plus, I know that when a story doesn’t have any dialogue that that makes it seem like an essay.

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