Welcome to StoryADay 2016

Welcome to Week One!

This weeks’s theme: Limits

I know you’re excited. I know you want to get started on your great masterpiece. But setting that kind of pressure on yourself is the fastest way I know to a crippling case of writers block.

This week I’m going to impose limits on your writing that will make it almost impossible for you to write something great. This is my gift to you.

(Don’t worry I’m going to let you write what you want a little bit later in the month.)

For now, your biggest obstacle is getting started; getting something done on the page. The limits I’m going to impose on your writing will bypass your inner editor, lower the stakes, and help you discover the joy of writing for its own sake, without worrying about being graded, critiqued, or assessed as worthy of publication or not.

The exercises and the limits include a time limit; a list of words that you must us in your story; point of view; specific characters you must use; and specific forms you must use.

Tips for Success In Week 1

  • Set a time to write every day
  • Don’t worry about writing something great, just
  • hit the page, write with abandon, finish the story, walk away and never look back.

This is going to be fun!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to StoryADay 2016”

  1. I love the freedom of a free write … time limits are something I use for myself and for my students … it gets the juices flowing and the time factor disappears until the bell rings!

  2. bypass your inner editor. Oh my…that is one of the hardest things for me to do! My inner editor is a cruel, unyielding taskmaster. But I love a challenge, so she’d better shut up and go and sit in the corner 🙂

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