Who’s Your Writing Hero – And Why?

This post is a Q&A post. I do the Q-ing, you do the A-ing.

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I’m dying to hear your responses to this one, so please do wade in with any comments.

Q. Who Is Your Writing Hero And Why?

I know it’s a hard question to answer.

I mean, there are writers I have loved for almost as long as I could read. There are other writers whose careers I admire. There are other writers who are so bad and yet so successful that they give me hope (any time I’m feeling discouraged about my writing, I reach for one of their books and remind myself that if they have 22 books in the world, surely my first draft isn’t as far from “publishable” as it feels right now!)

So what writers do you you emulate? How? Why? Or do you reject the whole idea of writing heroes? Let me know:

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