[Writing Prompt] – An Achievable Goal

This month’s theme at StoryADay is “Triumph!”

Mindset is incredibly important in the life of the writer, and that means we need to celebrate every little win.

The fastest way to do that, is to make it easy to get to the win. So, today’s prompt is to write and finish a story in 100 words and I know you can do it.

person celebrating in the stands of a soccer stadium

The Prompt

Write 100 words about a character who is famous or infamous for one moment in their life.


You can read some 100 word stories here to get inspired.

You’ll have to work hard to pack an emotional punch into 100 words, but I know you can do it!

You can read the tips I’ve posted previously for 100 word stories here, here, or here

If you share you story somewhere (and here’s why you might not want to) post a link here so we can come and read it.

Leave a comment to let us know what you wrote about today, and how it went!

5 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] – An Achievable Goal”

  1. Just wanted to give you a heads up that the first link under the tips section for “You can read some 100 word stories here to get inspired.” is misdirected. I think you meant the link to take your reader through to http://www.100wordstory.org/

  2. 100 word story

    There once was a princess
    A healthy well fed and plu.p one at that
    She had developed the idea
    That among her friend
    She had been fat
    So the princess decided
    To make it her mission
    To become thinner than the skin she was in
    She became infamous for her garbage bagged walks
    In 100 degree heat
    Her measly portions of food
    And her denial to any social interaction
    that didn’t involve sweat
    She has dwindled her body
    Yet her brain went to
    She soon wandered the streets
    With nothing to do
    Her friends had gone
    And her stick legs
    Were the only thing
    She had to rely on.

  3. Thanks for the prompt! With covid on my mind, I couldn’t help but think of this incident. Here are my 99 words:

    Nothing was going to stand in the way of our rights – not a so called deadly virus and certainly not an oppressive government that disdains religious freedom. My choir would practice whether Capitol Hill approved or not. And so we did, singing our hearts out praising our Jesus. With the Spirit burning in us, we yearned to bring others to God as well, and we ended up doing just that. With 52 covid cases that spread like wildfire, and 2 congregants called to meet their Maker, I can only say this: at least we served as a valuable case study.

  4. I loved this prompt. I can definitely see the value of writing quickly and for fun. Thank you. Here is my 100 word story:

    Not exactly the stardom I’d dreamed of.
    Job description: Smile. Walk onstage. Smile bigger. Hand gold-plated statuette to the tuxedo-clad man as he approaches. Back up two steps, pivot and exit, stage left.
    It couldn’t be any easier. My mother would have warned them, if they’d asked. “A floor-length gown, CJ? Not on my watch. You’re just asking for trouble.”
    So naturally I fell flat on my ass in front of “People’s Most Beautiful Man”, 3,400 of Hollywood’s best and brightest, and 26.6 million world-wide viewers. It’s a clip that will live in internet infamy.
    But stardom is stardom, right?

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