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Sometimes it’s easy to come up with a subject, a character, a problem or an issue on which to hang your short story.

Some days it’s not. But that doesn’t mean you can’t write. I just means getting started might be harder.

If you’re finding it hard to start writing today, hop on over to the Flickr “Interesting” page (pictures someone at Flickr has tagged as ‘interesting’ in the past 7 days).

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The Prompt

Grab a picture and start writing. See where it leads.


  • Don’t try to force your usual style onto this story. See what comes out.
  • Don’t try to do too much. Whatever you start will probably be a brand new idea. Keep it short and simple.
  • Make sure your story travels from start to end: don’t just write a description, make someone or something change between the first word and the last.

The Rules:

  1. You should use the prompt in your story (however tenuous the connection).
  2. You must write the story in one 24 hr period – the faster the better.
  3. Post the story in the comments — if you’re brave enough.
  4. Find something nice to say about someone else’s story and leave a comment. Everybody needs a little support!

Optional Extras:

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3 thoughts on “[Write On Wednesday] Photo Prompt”

  1. Here’s my attempt. I’m a bit rusty but it was fun. Inspired by this picture on Flickr.

    At the heart of the labyrinth, they used to say, was a minotaur – part man, part bull.
    But how could such a rational people ever have believed that, he wondered, scornfully. How could they have believed such ridiculous stories? They were men of science, men of numbers, like me. I shall simply follow the path where it leads me, no matter how dark. There is, he told himself, no reason for unease.
    Yet with each step his breaths grew shallower. Alone in the dark he ran through complex equations in hsi head to stave off the rising, ridiculous panic.
    It worked! The aire seemed suddenly less oppressive, the walls around him no longer felt so close. A triumph of mind over matter…
    So why was his heart still pounding? And what was that terrible smell?
    In the central chamber of the labyrinth, a dark shambling figure grunted and shook its taurine head, satisfied for now. It had been a reasonable meal, it thought amiably; perfectly seasoned with sudden fear and just a hint of Euclid.

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