[Write On Wednesday] Rescue Me

If you’re writing for publication, it’s important to be aware of lead-times, (i.e. the time between when an editor says ‘yes’ to your story and the date the publication goes live). They can be long, so if you’re writing a seasonal story, you need to be submitting months in advance. That’s why today’s prompt is for October’s National Adopt A Shelter Dog month. Write your doggie story today and start pitching it now!

Blackie the 🐕

The Prompt

Write a story featuring a dog


  • Even if you don’t have any experience of, or affection for dogs, give this story a try. Not everyone (gasp!) does like dogs. Let your freak flag fly and write a story for the dog-challenged!
  • The dog can be a featured character in the story or the whole plot could be set in motion by an incident with a canine. It doesn’t even have to appear in the story (it could just be referred to). This latter option is a great way to sidestep the thorny problem of ‘not knowing enough about dogs to write about them convincingly). I myself, have never lived with a dog and would have to do wa-ay more research than I’m willing to do for a quick Write On Wednesday story!
  • Feel free to interpret ‘dog’ any way you like. If you want to write a story about a different type of pet, go for it. If you want to invent a dog-like creature in a fantasy world, be my guest. If you want to write a story from the POV of one of Tolkein’s Wargs, who am I to stop you? Personally I’m thinking about some kind of fanged beast on a low-gravity planet…
  • One word of caution, from friends who know whereof they speak: do not kill the dog. Readers will forgive many things, but you will bring down the wrath of Hades on your head if you kill the dog.

What kind of shaggy dog story did you tell today? Leave a comment letting us know what you wrote today. Share a link to your story if you posted it somewhere.

2 thoughts on “[Write On Wednesday] Rescue Me”

  1. I wrote about real dogs in my neighborhood and a bit of conversation overheard at one of the dog’s homes. The main dog in question is a bright, lively Labrador whose owners treat him more like a show piece than the intellectual he really is. On this particular day, after being shown off at a party by his owners, a perceptive guest allows him an escape to the treats she believes he deserves (steak and philosophical debate) at a neighboring dog’s home.

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