[Writing Prompt] Descriptive Writing

These prompts are designed to help you go further with your daily story than a simple ‘idea’ might. If you’re having trouble coming up with that idea, check out the Story Sparks post.

Today we’re going to focus on your descriptive writing. Every story has some sort of description in it[1. Unless you’re writing some kind of post-modern experimental work that isn’t designed to please an audience in which case you’re excused.].

The Prompt

Write A Story in Which Every Piece Of Description Is Designed To Elicit An Emotion In The Reader

Ideally, the emotions that you are forcing the reader to feel are the ones the protagonist is experiencing.



And when you have written your story, log in and post your success in The Victory Dance group or simply comment on this post and let the congrats come flying in.

2 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Descriptive Writing”

  1. This is a flash fiction I wrote last month for the AW Blog Chain. It’s called ‘Ice Woman’.

    “Damnit, Rachel! I told you to sweep up those cobwebs ten minutes ago. What’s the matter with you? Why aren’t you listening to me?” Catherine snaps.

    I roll my eyes for the fiftieth time today and whisper — through gritted teeth — “Everything’s wrong with you, and nothing’s wrong with me. I’m not listening to you because you’re really driving me crazy.”

    Catherine is my boss; I’ve been taking care of her (minus the toilet stuff) and her house for a little over two years now. She may be seventy-eight, but she’s certainly not frail or meek hearted. Catherine is like fire and ice: some days she smothers me with kindness and (cheap and unnecessary) gifts; most days, she’s cold and just downright nasty. Why I don’t bother looking for another job, I honestly don’t know. I guess seventeen dollars an hour, tax free compensates for the shitty treatment I receive on a daily basis.

    “Rachel!” Catherine’s voice is so loud, it makes me jump. “What?” I say, glaring at her. “You’re not listening to me again. Are you deaf, girl?” Catherine yells, red-faced and shaking her finger at me. I bite down hard on my lower lip. ‘Looks like Catherine took Extra-Strength Bitch pills this morning.’ “Yeah. I heard you the first time.”

    “You don’t listen to me. You don’t answer me when I talk to you. You don’t even do what you’re told, and you’re extremely disrespectful,” Catherine yells, yanking the broom out of my hand.

    I shoot her a piercing look, feeling the anger bubble beneath the surface of my skin. Enough is enough! “Look, woman. I’ve listened to you, and I’ve done what you’ve told me to do for over two years. But now, I’ve had enough of your rotten attitude and your crazy mood swings. Find someone else to take care of you, or just do it yourself. I quit!”

    I storm out of the large house without giving her another change to snap at me. I so could have defended myself on the “disrespectful’ comment, but whatever. I’m not going to waste my energy and my words on an old, rich bitch. So, I’m going to look for work elsewhere. Guess that’s a good idea after all.

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