[Writing Prompt] Diamonds And Toads

In keeping with this month’s theme of “Publication”, this prompt comes from a market that is actively looking for short stories right now!

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The Prompt

Write a Fairytale With The Theme “Diamonds & Toads”

This prompt comes from Enchanted Conversation (see their guidelines here) and the reading period is open until March 30, 2017. They pay $30 for short stories that are accepted. You should really read the guidelines!

The story should be between 700 and 3,000 words. It is not a children’s publication.

I recommend reading a couple of examples at the site, then writing your own spin on a fairytale, not forgetting to include “diamonds and toads”!


  • Write a quick first draft
  • Go over the draft, looking for question and themes and figure out what the  most interesting ‘story question’ consumed you while you were writing.
  • As you revise the story, use that ‘story question’ as the driving force for decisions about what to cut and what to beef up.
  • Make sure we care about your characters.


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