[Writing Prompt] Epistolary Stories

This is one of my favorite forms of writing and I don’t know why I don’t do it more:

The Prompt

Write a story in the form of letters, journal entries, blog posts, tweets or other epistle.


  • This used to seem like a bit of an old-fashioned story form now that we no longer have five-times-a-day letter delivery (as in Jane Austen’s day) but with all of our new ways of communicating in the written word it is ripe for a reboot.
  • You should feel free to use old-fashioned letters, but consider using other communication vehicles.
  • Remember that all the information must come in the form of communications from one person at a time. No dialogue attribution, no speculation by a narrator. This is essentially a First-Person format, but you can have more than one person talking, in turn.


7 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Epistolary Stories”

  1. I stayed with the earlier blog because I need to start thinking “submission” more. I’ve been immersed for the past few years in academic projects, including the book manuscript that I periodically refer to (not to be self-promotional or anything :). But I do like the epistolary prompt and will save it for later.

    Here’s what I created for today. In terms of submission, I’d like to find a backyard farming or sustainability oriented magazine to send a revised version of this one to. http://guptacarlsonshortstories.blogspot.com/2013/05/club-poulet.html

  2. Finished #11. It’s a bit off from the prompt. More of a memoir in that it really did happen. My mom was late for her own funeral. It worked best this way. At sarahcain78.com

  3. Julie, I can’t find today’s prompt that you sent me in my email on your website Is it here? I started reading in my email and clicked read in browser but couldn’t get in and I don’t see it listed here.You were talking about writing for a market.

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