[Writing Prompt] Third Person, Limited

So did you all have fun with Second Person yesterday?

Today we’re focusing on a perspective that you’ve likely had more practice with.

The Prompt

Write a story in the Third Person, Limited POV


  • Remember that in Third Person, Limited, you are writing in the ‘he said, she said’ format.
  • You can go inside a character’s head and have them look at the world but you must only ever go inside one character’s head.
  • This is a familiar style from those bubble-gum pink chick-lit books of the 1990 or many third-person mystery series.


5 thoughts on “[Writing Prompt] Third Person, Limited”

  1. Finished today’s prompt. It was hard and I panicked a little because I don’t usually write in this POV, plus I had to look for a subject prompt. What I forgot is that sometimes doesn’t work for me, When this happens I have to just sit down and write and what comes out is what it is. I did that and it didn’t take me any time at alll. It’s called Caught in the Act. about a robbery gone terribly wrong.

    Thanks for this prompt, Julie, I probably wouldn’t have written in this POV otherwise, I think I’ll use it again sometime.

  2. That one was actually harder than yesterdays, but I did finish it. And after that I wrote a another one in different point of view, just to get the feeling out.

    Considering, that most of the time I write in limited third person, that experience was interesting. Maybe because I needed to write in that point of view?

  3. Took your advice and flipped a story from a he to she POV. It was great fun. Check it out at sarahcain78.com. Thanks for a great idea, Julie. Sarah C.

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