[Writing Prompt] Utter Fabrication

This week’s prompt comes from Mad Scientist Journal who are putting together a special edition with a theme that really tickles me!

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The Prompt

Write the fictionalized story of an unusual building 

When I first read this prompt, I assumed the building had to be real. That’s not the case, but it’s an interesting idea…

This special issue is open to submissions until March 31, 2017 and pays 2c a word. Your story should be between 500 and 8,000 words long.


  • Read the submission guidelines from Mad Scientist Journal and get your story written and submitted by March 31 (make sure you have set up a Submittable account before midnight on March 31, if you’re a last-minute kind of person…). This page also includes the rights request and requirements, so make sure you read, can comply with, and agree with those, if you plan to submit to them.
  • Read some of the other stories Mad Scientist Journal publishes.
  • Think about structures that you might like to write about. This could be something from your real life (past or present) or from some imagined word.
  • Your choice of tone and style could be anything from a mock-documentary to a traditional chronological narrative. Read my review of Virginia Woolf’s A Haunted House, for inspiration.
  • Have fun!


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