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To sign up to do the challenge, you only have to promise you’ll do it! You can write stories anywhere, post comments on blog entries and pat yourself on the back. If you’d like to be part of the online community please send an email to editor at storyaday dot org and include the username you’d […]

May 22 – Time For Something Different

The Prompt

Write a story in a style/tone you never use

Guest Writing Prompt from Jacob Tomsky

Jacob Tomsky is a best-selling writer and host of Short Story Thursdays, a weekly email dispatch that somehow manages to be snarky and sweet at the same time. (If you haven’t signed up to receive a story a week from Tomsky yet, do it now). Read our interview with him, talking about how he moved from […]

May 21 – Limits – Real Time

The Prompt

Write a story that unfolds in real time

May 20 – Limits: Present Tense

The Prompt

Write A Story In The Present Tense

May 19 – Limits – Two Voices 

The Prompt

Write a story told only in dialogue

May 18 – Limits: Third Person, Omniscient

The Prompt

Write A Story With An Omniscient Third Person Narrator.

May 17 – Limits: Third Person – Limited

The Prompt

Write A Story In The Third Person, Limited

May 16 – Limits: Second Person

The Prompt

Write A Story In The Second Person

May 15 Limits: First Person

The Prompt

Write A Story In the First Person

May 14 – Write What You Don’t Know

The Prompt

Spend 15 minutes Researching Something On Wikipedia Then Write About It

May 13 – Limits: 100 Words or “Drabbles”

Ready for another break? This exercise is ‘easier’ than writing a 5,000 word story, only because it takes a little less time. It does, however, take a lot more time than any average 100 words in the middle of a longer story. Crafting a complete story in 100 words is not easy. It is, however, […]

May 12 – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

The Prompt

Fictionalize an almost-unbelievable real-life story

May 11 – Memories

Just because something happened in real life, doesn’t make it a good story. At a writers’ conference I heard agents sigh every time someone said they were writing a memoir. “Why not turn it into a fictional story?” one said, brightly, with barely disguised overtones of desperation. Today we’re going to try to do that. […]

May 10 – Agony Aunt

You’re a writer, which probably means you’re at thinker, which probably means that a fair percentage of your friends come to you for advice on a regular basis. And you probably give this advice in a thoughtful, reasoned, I-don’t-want-to-hurt-your-feelings kind of way. Not today. The Prompt Write a response from an advice columnist with an […]

Guest Prompt from Gregory Frost

Today’s prompt is a real treat: a writing exercise from author Gregory Frost. (Side note: his classes are the kind that writers only tell their best friends about … and then only after their own application has been accepted!) Here he shares a prompt that seems to be about setting but turns out to be all about character. Flex […]