SWAGr – October 2015 Check-In

Every month we gather here to discuss what we’ve achieved and commit to making more progress in our creative lives in the coming month. We call it our   Serious Writer’s Accountability Group or SWAGr, for short! (We’re serious, not sombre!) Leave a comment below telling us how you got on last month, and what you plan to do next […]

Sept. 30 – A Dozen Roses

The Prompt Jeff  was walking to the parking garage after work when he comes upon a flower stand full of beautiful roses. Jeff decides to buy a dozen roses for his lover.  Go! Deanna Denny is retired after many years of working in Human Resources. She became interested in writing in 2014 and started her blog with […]

[Reading Room] On Cosmology by Roísín O’Donnell

I’m often wary of modern Irish and British stories because they tend to be grim. In On Cosmology, by Roísín O’Donnell’s Hennesy/Irish Times prize-winning story for August 2015, a lecturer in astrophysics wonders about the ‘gooey, alien-like creature’ which may be growing inside her. So yes, it does deal with sex and issues of pregnancy […]

Sept 29 – Tension Tuesday

Endings So, our thirty day journey of exploration is almost over. For an easier wind down, todays prompt takes the form of … an ending! Sometimes it can be easier to start a story at the end rather than the beginning. At least you know what you are working towards! The Prompt  In no more […]

Sept 28 — See, Hear, Smell

Today, take a few minutes to notice your surroundings (you can do this at home, but going out may work better): Write down five things you see, five sounds you hear and three to five smells. The Prompt: Write a story with a character who has a difficult decision to make. Put this character in […]

Sept 27 — Lost and Found

Today’s prompt is exactly what it says on the tin: lost and found. The Prompt:  Write about something that has been lost and then found. What has been lost? It could be something concrete, like a set of keys, a city, or a murder weapon. It could be a person, maybe a husband or a […]

The Secret – 26 Sep 2015

Lots of  people have been party to a secret at some point, either one they’ve been told or one they have tried to keep and this is today’s focus. The Prompt The Secret.  Your character has one, or knows about one. Will it be kept, or disclosed? Tips No not this time.   Today it’s completely your call. Go ahead, have fun […]

Sept 25 – Friday Favourites 4

Hi, all! It’s Monique with the last “Friday Favourite,” a prompt that is a generic premise for a story that is also the description of a classic (or favourite!) novel. The month has gone by so quickly! I was too busy to do as much as I had hoped, but I have a lot of […]

September 24 – Three Micro Stories

Today you’re not just going to write one story. You’re going to write three! The Prompt Click on this photo. Flick through the gallery and pick the first three pictures that catch your attention. Now, write a short, 50-100 word story for each. No more than 100 words each. Tips Your stories can link together […]

Sept. 23 – The Attic

The Prompt Before she knew it, she was just another set of eyes in a dusty attic, waiting for the stairs to creak. Go! Deanna Denny is retired after many years of working in Human Resources. She became interested in writing in 2014 and started her blog with opinion pieces but has since been exploring […]

Reading Room – The Weight Of A Blessing by Aliette de Bodard

I read this story because another writer I admire raved about Aliette de Bodard’s writing. I wasn’t too sure at first, but this story of cultural taboos in a futuristic, post-war world, stuck with more more than I expected. Therefore I rate it ‘worth reading’. de Bodard definitely created a fully-realized world. As such, it […]

Sept 22 – Tension Tuesday

The Family Gathering! For todays Tense Tuesday prompt we are exploring that time honoured ritual … the family gathering. Why is it an occasion that should be relaxing and carefree so often induces so much tension and stress? It might be Christmas, a birthday celebration, a summer barbecue, a christening, a wedding or even a […]

Sept. 21 — Running Away

Today your character is in trouble. I mean really BIG trouble. In fact, your main character (mc) has had enough. So he (or she) is going to do it. Run away, that is. The Prompt Your character is being forced into something they do not want to do: an arranged marriage, eating their broccoli (!), […]

Sept 20 — Genre Jump Challenge

Today’s prompt is meant to propel you out of your comfort zone. Most writers have a particular set of themes that they write about or a certain kind of mood that they tend to favor. Some writers keep very strictly within the realm of individual literary genres. Many writers don’t write genre fiction: they write […]

September 19 – Who’s Your Pop Culture Crush?

Fan fiction has really taken off in recent years, especially with the success (relatively speaking) of several fan fiction stories that became novels and even movies. Fan fiction is a tricky kind of writing because you often have to immerse yourself in someone’s world to write about it. And it’s also tricky because of potential […]