11 thoughts on “Are you a naturally talented writer?”

  1. Lovely singing and a good metaphor for the practice of writing. I used to be a newspaper journalist and was expected to produce a certain number of stories a day. When I left journalism for a while and returned to it a few years later, I found it so difficult to get my story count up to where it should be. Your video has revealed why. Now I’ve just started a blog based on a new hobby (sewing clothing) and writing is getting easier again. I’m really looking forward to Story A Day May. Whether I’m writing fiction or blog posts, I’m hoping to keep on track for a story a day.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we take things for granted and let them slide? Not this month, though!!

  2. Oh, Julie,
    This was a charming way to make your point about writing every day! Some way, some how, I’m going to do this with you in May. I’m excited to feel my writing calluses after I consistently strum those computer keys!
    P.S. I could hear you delighting us with your “Summertime” rendition in Albany.

    1. I miss the fireplace lounge!
      And I think you’re going to have a blast. I already know you can write…

  3. Julie,
    You sang for you supper.
    I can’t resist. Count me in.
    Looking forward to 2015 theme prompts.

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