[Daily Prompt] May 9 – Moonlight

Challenge prompt 2011
Moonlight On The Bay
Moonlight On The Bay by Dan Dickinson

Today’s prompt comes from a line in an Edna St. Vincent Millay sonnet (from The Harp Weavers)

“…a broken dart / of moonlight…splintered on the sea;”

Use the line or a similar image somewhere in your story.

(As always, this prompt is optional.)

2 thoughts on “[Daily Prompt] May 9 – Moonlight”

  1. It’s taken me 24 hours to notice this said May 9th. Too many late nights missy. (can we have today’s prompt please :)) Loving everything about you by the way. Not written so much in such a short time (and probably better) since last Nov’s NaNoWriMo. MB x

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