Day 5 – Steal From The Best

Steal, borrow, it’s all good…

The Prompt

Have some fun today: Steal something from a favorite published universe

Remember, you can’t sell a derivative work without permission, or a license, but that’s not the point today. Today is all about having fun in a world you know well, or with characters you already love.


Leave a comment to let us know which world you played in today! 


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18 thoughts on “Day 5 – Steal From The Best”

  1. Based on comments above, I probably misinterpreted today’s task. I am an unabashed thief. In fact I have a file of stolen material. In all my reading, phrases, sentences, and especially figures of speech that strike me go into that file

  2. I wound up writing an alternate history for the Golden Girls, where Blanche, Dorothy, and Rose met in high school. Sadly, I didn’t manage to work Sophia in until the very end.

  3. Today’s story featured my favorite ghost-seeing character Celeste (my own creation) having to stop in Charlaine Harris’ Midnight, Texas and interacting with some of her lovely characters. So much fun!

      1. Oh, that’s a good idea, to have one of your original character’s in someone else’s fictional world! I wish I would’ve thought of that!

  4. Done. Tried channeling my inner Ian Fleming and wrote a short James Bond story, this was a fun assignment!

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