Day 6 – Steal From Yourself

Steal from yourself!

The Prompt

Retell a story you’ve told before, in a new way

This exercise opens up opportunities in future, when you have a piece that isn’t quite working. You can cast your mind back to today and remember that yeah, there’s more one way to tell this story, too.

Let us know how you got on today, in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Day 6 – Steal From Yourself”

  1. I used today’s prompt to actually change the direction of my original story. I wasn’t feeling too great about my original story line idea, and now have changed it into a futuristic setting instead of a current setting. I think I like this idea better:)

    1. Oh that sounds fun. Isn’t it odd how making a weird change can make all the difference? Sometimes maybe it’s better NOT to slog through to the end (Shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that!)

  2. I decided to rewrite my story from the Day 1 Prompt (seen from the outside) from the POV of the Main Character. Turns out he was considering having an affair, which never came up in the original story… who knew??

    Writing was much faster/smoother as I felt more comfortable with the structure I already had in place from the first 3 POVs. Very fun!

  3. I used today’s writing time to draft a story I was planning last month–didn’t quite recycle, but I’ll save that for another day in case I need a boost!

  4. Rewriting the story from Day 2 prompt from another POV.

    Initially it seemed like it wouldn’t work, but now perhaps the story is better for it. Too soon to tell!

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