Day 6 – Julie Duffy wants you to Interview Your Character

The Prompt

writing prompt from Julie Duffy

Write an interview with a character who invented something that changed the world…years after the change took place.

The Author

Julie Duffy is a writer and the founder and host of StoryADay.

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11 thoughts on “Day 6 – Julie Duffy wants you to Interview Your Character”

  1. I’m travelling along at my own speed, but I thought I’ll still post comments. I don’t want to skip prompts so today i did Day 6. I’m exceeding my goal of three stories a week and have written 8 so far bc it is so fun! This is really helping me get over my inner critic, fear of finishing etc. I sit in the “I don’t know” and write anyway without over thinking it and the results are delightful surprises. Thank you so much, Julie for running this challenge.

  2. Hello !! (I’m a first-timer with the StoryADay Challenge.)
    This is the prompt I used today. I think I have my process worked out for this week. THIS was a great prompt because it ended up helping me with the work I’m doing on my current Stage Playwriting.
    I’ve decided to use the challenge to write 20 minutes on the prompt every day and use them as my warm-up for my other writing. It seems to work well for me.
    Today’s prompt working title — Archetype Installments!
    I’ll celebrate by taking a nice walk in our Arboreatum today.

    1. Glad this worked for you, and that you built in a lovely celebration. Say hi to the trees from me.

  3. I have long been curious about the meaning of ‘love yourself’ as it appears in the commandments as revised by Jesus: love your neighbor as yourself. It seemed to me all my life that any reference to loving myself was either interpreted as masturbation or as narcissism. But there has to be a middle ground that is neither religious nor psychologically aberrant! So I settled on something that sounds scientific and may even be true. If love is an energy that everyone seeks, then every person has to cultivate it within themselves first before it can be effectively transmitted. So the call should be, ‘learn to love yourself before you love your neighbor.’ Raising so many internal and external conflicts, this prompt made for a great story that was dropped into an internet media comment and went viral ten years ago….

  4. Phew. It’s 10:30, but I did it! I combined this prompt with what I started from the May 4th prompt. This story’s starting to really go somewhere; might make it into a novel someday. Maybe. Like I need another long project (that’s why I’m writing short stories!).

  5. My story is about a mysterious man called Mr. Shambles, lying on his deathbed, being interviewed about his groundbreaking work on the human genome sequencing project. He can only answer yes or no, and the reporter is getting very frustrated. She is trying to get answers, but he remains enigmatic, deepening the mystery of why he did what he did.

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