Day 23 – I’ve Got A Little List

Julie Duffy Writing Prompt

The Prompt

Two options today: write a story in the form of a list, OR use this list of words in your story: gallery, contemplated, identity, point, behind, tastes, followed, forty, like, generations.

The Author

Julie Duffy loves to make lists.

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8 thoughts on “Day 23 – I’ve Got A Little List”

  1. I wrote an outline of a short story using the suggested words. I do enjoy using ‘lists’ as an inspiration for short stories . I was inspired by you Julie, the first time that I joined in Story a day May challenge.
    I often fall back on this technique. Thank you 🙏

  2. My story today was a series of to-do lists from a college student. Every day, she writes “Call Grandma,” but never checks it off. The last day, her list says: “Order plane ticket, Call professors, Pack, Call Grandpa.”

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