Day 24 – Fleet Sparrow Sings A Song

Fleet Sparrow writing prompt

The Prompt

I love concept albums, albums in which a singular story is told throughout the tracks. Some are silly, some are deep, but all of them are fascinating. Write the story that comes to you out of this lyric from Eagles’ Desperado album:

“The towns lay out across the dusty plains like graveyards filled with tombstones waiting for the names.”

The Author

Fleet is a queer trans author usually found hanging out around the DC fandom waiting to be picked to write comics. Zie also does original work, some of which zie posts on Archive of Our Own (AO3). When not writing, zie can be found reading, thinking about writing, or slipping slowly into madness in Southern California.

Original work can be found here:


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6 thoughts on “Day 24 – Fleet Sparrow Sings A Song”

  1. I started writing something post-apolcalyptic, but didn’t get very far… really struggling on the home stretch here.

  2. I wrote a western style short called THE HARVEST, about the Sandman being led to another town by a Sheriff. It’s a creepy monster vampire western ending with the Sandman riding into town at midnight, his appetite and his teeth growing.

  3. I’m up early today and catching up with my posts. I used this prompt to write the outline of a short story about a young girl travelling through Europe in the footsteps of her brother to try to discover what had happened to him before his mysterious disappearance.

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