Day 29 – Three Sides of the Same Story

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The Prompt

Write a story in three sections, each section recounting the same event from a different character’s point of view

The Author

Julie Duffy is the author of several guides for writers, available on Kindle. She is also an occasional columnist for WriterUnboxed.com

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5 thoughts on “Day 29 – Three Sides of the Same Story”

  1. I chose a slice-of-life, mundane scene. Then used the opportunity to practice stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s not stellar, but an interesting exercise.

  2. I wrote TABLE SCRAPS IN PARADISE today. Section 1 is Second Person POV. It’s about a man throwing dice at a craps table in a casino. He wins every time. As the crowd gathers we change POV to First Person POV, to a lady at the slot machines. The third section is in Third Person Plural POV. It’s from the aliens inside the man. They have established a connection and are using their quantum computer to calibrate their communications with the man. After thousands of years they are ready to start their invasion, but first they need to help this man win a mate.

  3. I love this prompt and I used it to play with a scene from my novel. As a result I am bravely changing my chosen POV.

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