7 thoughts on “2023 Day 1 Check in”

  1. I did the day 1 prompt today. I used my WIP characters that I was struggling with. I plan to write using these characters to help stop my writers block from discouraging me.

    1. Excellent. And because each day’s prompt is new and unseen, you can use them to lower your expectations, and move on, the next day.
      No blocks, for us!

  2. I did Day 1. YAY me! I forgot to post my comment yesterday. 463 words. I had a beginning and a middle, I’ll have an end when I come back to it in June. And now, Day 2!

  3. I am checking in! I’ve been telling my wife about this since I signed up and we are both excited! Now to find the time today to actually write one of my story ideas!

    1. I’m happy you’re both excited. You’ve got a good spouse, there (and that kind of support/accountability can really help!)

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