2023 Day 8 Check in

A vlog about how my StoryADay May is going…

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Today’s prompt is here

Week 1 is a wrap!

Today I was pretty happy with the very short story I wrote. When I got to the end I discovered something interesting, which I share in this video.

Also: now’s a great time to assess what went well last week and what you’ll keep/do differently during this coming week of the challenge (I talk about this, too, in this video)

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One thought on “2023 Day 8 Check in”

  1. Great video. I watched this video after I did Day 9.
    Day 8 had me falling down the rabbit hole, like everyone else, googling Neon Signs.
    Today, I almost, ALMOST, did the same thing with Albatrosses. But instead I actually made myself some notes to fill in the details later. (Great minds think alike)
    The first week was a success. (but really isn’t anytime you write a success?) I only missed one day. Four days were complete stories and the other were two were outlines. At least three of them are something I want to go back and work on.

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