Reach Your Writing Goals For Real, This Time!

It’s not too late to meet some of your goals for 2020 (or some minimum viable version of that goal).

This article is a companion to the podcast episode 193 – Getting From Here To There

Last Minute End of Year Tasks

  • Take an inventory of everything you’ve written in your life and see if you can repurpose/finish/abandon any of it.
  • Finish a single story
  • Send out a single story
  • Send a story out with holiday greetings

Remember: “At least I did that one thing” feels so much better than “I couldn’t even do …”

Getting From Here To There

Looking back at the past year might bring in some fear, guilt or pain because of what you didnt’ achievel.

And that’s fine….as long as you don’t stay there.

Goal setting is seductive and fun because it allows us to live in that shiny place in the future where we’ve overcome all our shortcomings.

The bit in the middle, however, is the tricky part.

Here’s what I’ve learned this year: change is uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be. And it’s ok.

Intellectual Vs Emotional Change

When we set goals and want to make changes, we know, intellectually that there are several steps we need to take.


Without a strong emotional story about WHY we are doing it, it’s much, much harder to get through that uncomfortable part in the middle. It’s much more comfortable to scurry back to the way we’ve always done things (of course it is!).

To make meaningful changes, you need to embrace the ugliness of the times you’ve failed in the past, and the emotional reason you want to move forward to a bright, new shiny place.

Use the StoryADay Annual Review Bundle to help you write that emotional story about each goal you set this year AND keep track of your motivation and progress throughout the year.

In the bundle:

Annual Goals Overview Worksheet (set your motto and top goals for the year)

PACE Yourself Worksheet (for each individual goal – with emotions! Listen to this podcast episode to learn how to use it best)

Serious Writer’s Accountability Group monthly worksheet

Triumphs Tracker (log your successes throughout the year)

If you’re the kind of person who’s stopped setting goals because you never meet them, let’s figure out why!

Use these planners to

  • Connect emotionally with the goals you’re setting
  • Build in some room for the other stuff in your life that will inevitably impinge on your writing time
  • Create regular check-ins with yourself and others
  • Remember to celebrate every win, no matter how tiny.

And more of all, keep writing!

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