Best Of The Web for Short Story Writers April 2014

Writing by Night
Writing by Night by bluelectric, Creative Commons License

Every month or so I bring you my favorite links from around the web, that touch on creativity, productivity and writing (from the perspective of a short story writer. I tend to stay away from articles on novel structure, ‘getting an agent’ and other publishing-related questions. We’re here to write, right?)

Here are my favorites from my past month of studying this craft:

Surround Yourself with Passionate People : zenhabits

Surround Yourself with Passionate People

…and not just writers!

20 Authors Share Tips for Writing Love Scenes – GalleyCat
There were some really eye-opening and thoughtful comments in this article. Well worth a few minutes to read.

How To Use Evernote For Writing Fiction | LifeHacker
After you’ve been writing for a while, it can be a challenge to keep track of all your pieces. This shows you one method for using Evernote to keep things together.

Why I Write Flash Fiction « Flash Fiction Chronicles
A lesson in how to use rejection to spur you on!

How to Write Paragraph After Paragraph After Paragraph Non-Stop
Three different methods for getting the creative ball rolling. One could work for you…

What I’ve Learned as a Writer : zenhabits

What I’ve Learned as a Writer

Of course, I like this article because #1 is “Write every damn day” 😉 But there’s lots of other good stuff in here too.

You don’t have to write every day | Nathan Bransford, Author
Sacrilege! (But of course, this opposing view, from Nathan Bransford, is a perfect tonic for those of us who can only ‘write every day’ when it doesn’t mean “every day forever, without fail, and you suck if you can’t”).

throw another bear in the canoe – you are the silence in between what i thought and what i said
Peek inside a working writer’s productivity-tracking method and see just how many words-for-pay she writes every year.

The Varied Emotional Stages Of Writing A Book « terribleminds: chuck wendig
We can always rely on Chuck Wendig to share the seamier side of life as an author. This hilarious post captures it all.

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