Participant Badges for September 2018

I'm writing a story a day badge

[500 x 230]

Are you in?

You Did It! Get Your Badges!

Here are your “DID IT!” badges – NEW, for this year’s StoryADay.

You can use these badges anywhere online. You don’t have to have written 31 stories in 31 days — just decide if you achieved/leaned anything of worth during StoryADay 2016, and wear your badge with pride.

(Right-click to download. Use inline on social media feeds, or as user icons, or paste them into your blog’s sidebar. let me know if you come up with something even more creative to do with them. Tattoos, anyone?)


[ 500 x 500 px – Best for Facebook Profiles pics]


[400 x 400 px – best for Twitter Profile Pics]


[100 x 100 px]


[440 x 202 – Best for in-line social media posts]


[500 x 230 px]


[300 x 138 px]


[250 x 115 px]


[150 x 69 px]

2015 Partipant Badges Are Here

Taking part in StoryADay May 2015? Let everyone know (and hold you accountable) by pasting one of these badges in your blog’s side bar, or using one of the square images as your social media profile photo.

Right click to download the files. Save on your computer, then upload to where ever you want to use them.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 12.01.28 PM

Easily add a StoryADay logo to your FB or Twitter profile pic.

Sidebar Buttons

[500 x 230 px]


[300 x 138 px]


[250 x 115 px]


[150x 69 px]

2015stadabadge100x46purple[100 x 46 px]

Social Media Profile Pics


[Twitter Profile 400 x 400 px]


Facebook Profile pic [180 x 180 px]


Google Profile pic [250 x 250 px]


Instagram Profile Pic [161 x 161 px]


LinkedIn [100 x 100 px]


Pinterest Profile pic [ 600 x 600 px]

Inline Illustrations


Best size for in-Twitter images [440px wide]

Customizable Square Profile Pic

If you want to add a headshot of yourself to any of these, here’s a background with a ‘hole’ for your headshot. Download and modify in your favourite graphics program.


[500 x 500 px]

Here’s an example:


StoryADay May Flyer 2015

If you’re a member of a Real World writers’ group and would like to spread the word about StoryADay May, here’s a spiffy flyer that you can print out and take with you.


storyaday flyer link
Right-click to download the file to your hard drive or click to open in a new tab, then print.


Likewise, if you frequent a literary salon, coffee shop or grungy cafe full of secret writers, as long as it has a noticeboard, why not take one along with you and spread the word?

Remember, Peer Pressure Is Good, kids!

Writing Parent’s Interruption Flowchart

Please print this out and pin it to whatever door or wall space you use as a buffer between you and those loved ones whose sole purpose in life seems to be to keep you from your writing.

Updated! Feb 2016:


(Right-click to save a copy. Pin it! Share it!)


Or you can have the original, hand-drawn version:

"Is Anybody On Fire?"


And here are some articles to help you with productivity: