Day 20 – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down

The Prompt

Write A Story In The Form Of A Series of Letters


  • You could do social media updates, conference call, letters, records.
  • In this story remember that each party in the story has an agenda, conflicts.
    You could tell three different sides of a story
  • Your format will affect the type of language that the characters use: in letters things might be more formal, in texts it’ll be more brief.

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5 thoughts on “Day 20 – I’m Gonna Sit Right Down”

  1. Bit of a cheat day for me–I’ve had an epistolary idea floating around for a while, involving a forum for lumberjacks. I think it’s probably going to be novella-ish when it’s all done, but I wrote a section from the beginning, one from the middle, and one from the end. So, a little bit more like an elaborate outline with a lot of detail at certain points, but a great excuse to get something done on a fun project!

  2. Complete. I’m not sure I followed the prompt correctly, but when I saw “records” as a suggestion… somehow I got on this idea of HOA minutes. I remember being on an HOA for a building that everyone joked was haunted (it was over 100 years old). For my story, I thought about how it would be funny if the building WAS haunted, and one of the ghosts was actually on the HOA Board.

    So my story was told through the HOA minutes, where everyone is arguing with this ghost about an incident over Halloween where one of his friends was a little too scary. This was fun, thank you!

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