Day 22 – A Rude Awakening

Welcome to Week Four!

This week I’m providing you with story starters, to give your imaginatiosn a little kickstart.

The Prompt

Your character wakes up in a space they don’t recognize.

They could wake up in a white van, a locked room, or anywhere that is completely different form their everyday. This gives you the opportunity to explore your character in interesting ways.

There may be other people inside the space, outside the space, interacting with them, or not.

Have fun with this, today!

6 thoughts on “Day 22 – A Rude Awakening”

  1. Today’s story was a bit like raw bread dough! A woman finds herself in a place she’s told is quarantine. I wrote all sorts of interesting backstory, but I still have no idea why she’s in there, lol! Neat prompt–maybe I’ve got a zero draft on my hands?

  2. Complete. Continued with my AI story. A character wakes up after something terrible has happened, only to find that only he and a small group of people remember it, everyone else has amnesia. Introduced two new characters and the plot really seemed to take off!

    Thanks for the prompt!

  3. Story #22 in the books – or Google Docs as it were.
    A time travel story – a girl goes back to high school and gets to live her life differently!

  4. I chose to revisit a character from a story I’ve been working on for the last six months. I hope you enjoy!

    Even before she opened her eyes she knew something wasn’t quite right. The smell was different. A hint of spice. Her body felt strange. Heavy. She slowly opened her eyes struggling against sleep that was pushing her down. Drugs. Or perhaps magic? The thought of a spell overpowering was paralyzing in itself. Arm flailing helplessly she struggled to sit up and make sense of her surroundings. Straw. There was loads of sickly, sweet smelling straw. It was in her hair, down her neck. Itching and tickling. Thickly and slow moving she managed to shake most of it out. Running a tongue over al her teeth she scanned the room trying to recall the last thing she could remember. Fire. Scorching everything. Screaming — was it man or animal? She didn’t want to know. The air here had a clammy feel. The stones in the walls were covered in moss and mold. She wrinkled her nose and adjusted her back away from the wall. It was a cell. She was captured!
    For the first time since she had crossed the borders of this godforsaken country, Reign felt as though things were finally going according to plan.

  5. Finished today’s. I’ve been leading up to this moment in the project I’ve been working on in a notebook. And I wrote what came after it earlier this year in one of my Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts. This leads right into that one.
    It doesn’t take long for Jonas to realize just where he is, since he’s been there before, but he’d hoped not to be there again. Though it’s for a different reason this time.


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