12 thoughts on “Day 21 – News Flash”

  1. My first attempt at writing a story- and I managed it. I had no idea where the story was going and it was left like an inconclusive news about a secret discovery. I wonder what is the ideal length of these story a day stories?

    1. Welcome and well done!

      I think the ideal length for these is probably somewhere around the 750 word length, or up to 1500, becaus it’s hard to be that concise on a first draft (for me anyway!)

  2. Complete. Today I actually built on a premise I wrote for an earlier prompt involving artificial intelligence, where a guy was trying to figure out what happened to a large portion of the human population many generations ago. For my story, I wrote an article from an old newspaper clipping he discovered as part of his research. This is the first time I’ve leveraged one of the prompts to continue a bigger story idea, I might try to do it with some of the other prompts going forward. I’m excited! Thanks for the prompt.

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