Warm Up Your Writing Schedule

I’ve just sent out this schedule to all the people who have already signed up for the StoryADay Warm Up Your Writing Course. A lot of the Week 1 links are live and people are meeting up in the forums. It’s not too late to sign up and jump-start your writing today.



This week is all about breaking down your resistance by starting you off slowly, and with short assignments; figuring out  how to  manage your time; and turning you into Idea Generators, so you never again have to say “I don’t have any ideas”.

Friday, March 25

Time To Write Workshop – work through this at your own pace.
Reading Assignment – mine your own shelves
Idea Generator Workshop & Assignment – generate 15 Story Sparks this week.
Writing Assignment 1.1 (including audio & Resources PDF) – Twitter Fiction
(+ bonus writing assignment for the gung-ho).
(Writing assignments are due before the next assignment goes out.)

Monday, March 28

Mentors & Inspiration Lesson – Reading for inspiration
Writing Assignment 1.2 (audio and Resources PDF) – 55 Word Stories

Wednesday, March 30

Writing Assignment 1.3 – Drabbles (100 word stories)
Q&A Conference Call (tentative. Suggestions for date/time welcome)


This week we’ll focus on building your confidence and finding your voice. We’ll talk about the importance of first drafts and work on an assignment that will prove once and for all, that you have a unique voice that deserves to be heard.

Friday April 1

Test (just kidding)
Finding Your Voice Lesson
Writing Assignment 2.1 – Write a 300 word story
Reminder: generate 15 more Story Sparks this week.
Reading Assignment 2 – Prepare for next week’s Copycat Class

Monday, April 4

The Importance of First Drafts Lesson
Writing Assignment 2.2 – Write a 640 word story (newspaper column length)

Wednesday April 6

Breaking Through Writers’ Block Workshop (audio & PDF)
Writing Assignment 2.3 – Write a story of between 750 – 1200 words using the  Write On Wednesday prompt from StoryADay.org
In the forums:
A review of lessons you’ve learned about your tastes, voice, and writing habits and how to make them work for, not against, you,


This week we’ll increase the intensity. Now that you know you can write stories, we’ll stretch the word count and the number of assignments. But fear not! I’m not going to let you go it alone

Friday, April 8

Capture 30 more story starter ideas this week – for a total of 60
Lesson & Writing Assignment 3.1  CopyCat Writing Class –  sit at the feet of your favorite author and dissect one of their stories then write your own story on their framework – just like a Renaissance apprentice!
Reading – Don’t forget to read some short stories by writers you admire, to keep you inspiration levels high.

Monday, April 11

Avoiding Short Story Pitfalls Lesson – a look at form and technical details
Writing Assignment 3.2 – Write a story 1200-2000 words

Wednesday, April 13

Writing Assignment 3.3 – Write the story you’ve been waiting to write.
Forum Focus – schedule some time to dive into the forums over the next two days, to comment on other people’s writing, compare strategies for your writing after the course, and talk about what you’ve learned/discovered. Use this time to make new commitments and put them out in public.

Thursday, April 14

Final conference call with people you’ve got to know over the past three weeks, and who will be your posse during StoryADay in May

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