124 – Being A Writer

What kind of writer are you? What kind of culture do you want to create? What kind of writing life are you aiming for?

In this episode I ponder these questions and talk a little about this month’s theme of Flash Fiction.

And I invite you to share what inspires you, right now: https://stada.me/124


Seth Godin’s The Big Sort https://stada.me/g-bigsort

Chuck Wending’s blog post about writers and day jobs https://stada.me/w-dayjob

Story Review: Joan of Arc Sits Naked In Her Dorm Room https://stada.me/rr-joan

More short stories: 

And You Thought Your Last Breakup Was Bad: Five love stories by Matt Leibel https://stada.me/leibel

Seven Stories by Alex Epstein https://stada.me/epstein

Sh*t Boyfriends, stories by Kathy Fish and Dorothy Bendel https://stada.me/valentine


Main title music by Alan McPike: https://www.standardstrax.com/

Incidental music by Rebecca Reads www.fiverr.com/rebecca_reads

It’s another new episode of the StoryADay Podcast

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