5 thoughts on “149 – Looking Back & Looking Forward”

  1. Thank you Julie, for a great podcast. I’ve drifted off during the Christmas holiday and this podcast fired me up again.
    You asked about new authors we had enjoyed. To my surprise the two that have stood out for me were personal stories . I used to read autobiographies in my early twenties but I moved away from them almost intentionally after reading and loving, William Horwood’s “ Duncton Chronicles.”
    I ave recently been enthralled by these two gems.
    The Outrun by Amy Liptrot
    The Salt Path by Raynor Winn
    They emphasised to me to use my own voice, whether it’s in a fictional story or a memoir. We each have a unique perspective.
    Looking forward to moving forward with your help.
    Happy New Year . May 2020 be the decade for new authors. 👍🏼🙏🥂

    1. That’s such a great insight, Wendy. Voice is so important and a well-written autobiography is a great way to ‘hear’ it.

      I, too, used to read them a lot more when I was younger. Maybe I need to get back to them too! The Tobias Buckell writing book I was talking about was a bit like a writing-autobiography-meets-craft-book and certainly had a strong voice.


      Glad to have you with us as we move forward into the new year!

        1. I cant find the SWAG comments box for January 2020. When I follow the link I get March 2019. Have I missed something? I love goal setting with you all.

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