157 – Gabriela Pereira from DIYMFA Part 1

Episode 157 - Gabriela Pereira

We talk about the pillars of a writing life, why Gabriela wanted to create a do-it-yourself DIYMFA, and that old favorite: Imposter Syndrome.


Join me for a wide-ranging conversation with DIYMFA.com’s Gabriela Pereira. She is a speaker, podcast host for DIY MFA Radio, and author of the book DIY MFA: Write with Focus, Read with Purpose, Build Your Community.

We Stay in the Peer Zone too long - Gabriela Pereira

To find out more about DIYMFA’s flagship course (enrolling new students now) go to https://members.diymfa.com/sdsd/

It's OK Not To Be A Writer - Gabriela Pereira, DIYMFA.com

Ready to write today, not “some day”?

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