177 – Enjoy Your Writing More

Writing is self-directed, so reaching out for support is essential. It can, however, invite unhelpful comparisons with other writers who have different strengths and who are at different stages.

In this episode I explore the writing life through the lens of Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology and think about the ways we can celebrate our triumphs at every stage.

Ready to write today, not “some day”?

2 thoughts on “177 – Enjoy Your Writing More”

  1. Thank you Julie for this podcast! It seems to have come to me at exactly the right time. I’ve recently started listening to your podcasts, so I’m jumping into the framework at ‘T’ for Triumph! It’s the perfect place for me to start as I find it easy to not celebrate my wins, for my level.

    I found it extremely useful today to hear how you have applied Seligman’s levels to the writing journey. I think I’m preparing to move beyond the savouring stage. It is very exciting (and a lot less daunting) when I think about it using this lens.

    Thank you \0/

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