Working with Writing Prompts

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How to keep going as we enter Week 2 of the StoryADay May challenge (hint: it’s about purpose); and how to work with writing prompts.


Writing Prompt (The Bridge): https://storyaday.org/2021-day-01

Writing Prompt (A Happy Story): https://storyaday.org/2021-day-07

Writing Prompt (Scenario): https://storyaday.org/2021-day-08

Story: The PILGRIM’s Guide To Mars by Monique Cuillerier: https://www.diabolicalplots.com/dp-fiction-75a-the-pilgrims-guide-to-mars-by-monique-cuillerier/

Ready to write today, not “some day”?

One thought on “Working with Writing Prompts”

  1. I surprised myself with this one! Going into the assignment, I was reminded of Umberto Ecco’s novel The Name of the Rose. I am far from being a medievalist, but this prompt and the intro have potential. I managed to write a First Draft this morning. Maybe I will have time to think about yesterday’s, the story with a basically happy outlook. I am still stumped by it. These prompts are quite wonderful! The added bonus is that we get introduced to some fine authors. I am off to request Ms. Mohamed’s novels from the library. I can’t buy every book, but at least in Canada she will be eligible for public lending rights, a cheque authors get once a year based on library circulation of their works.

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