How to Be A Writer Even When You Don’t Feel Like Being A Writer

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What to do when life won’t get out of your way.

We all go through seasons where other concerns pull at us (family, friends, world events). It doesn’t mean you’re failing as a writer if you are less productive at some times than others.

And I have some thoughts on how you can stay connected to your writer self even if the words aren’t flowing.



5 thoughts on “How to Be A Writer Even When You Don’t Feel Like Being A Writer”

  1. Hi Julie, that was wonderful, especially today! – I am in the same boat: one kid going off to college soon… Plus today his younger sibling is sick home. So yes, life is constantly tugging at one sleeve, while my writing is tugging at the other. But today I will breathe, accept that this won’t be a writing day and enjoy the fact that the sun is shining through my window.

  2. Your words are always inspiring and insightful, Julie! Our talk a few months ago was just what I needed to launch my career on a completely new trajectory. I now have a self published book and podcast and launched a consulting service all because of you!
    While I was doing the tough work, the stories were still there, simmering on the back burner and they are almost ready to come forward again! I’m so glad I found your podcast and your work! Thank you!!!

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