Guest Prompt Form

Guest Prompt

Thank you so much for your interest in providing a prompt for the StoryADay May challenge

F. A. Q.

Prompts for StoryADay May can be anything from a word to a picture or a list of unrelated phrases. Or it could be a scenario that you’d like to see people play with.

Ideally it’s something people can use to write a complete story, not a writing/revision exercise.

There’s no expectation that you’ll participate further after providing a prompt.

However, I will tell you which day your prompt goes live and provide a link you can share beforehand an on the day

It’s fun if you stop by and join the discussion in the blog comments, too.

Why, thank you!

You can send people to this page to find out all about the challenge:

You can add yourself to the list of participants here, and I’ll make sure you receive all the writing prompts during the challenge. (No spam, though!)

Great! Send them a link to this page.

I’m particularly interested in contributions from writers from traditionally under-represented groups, who write short fiction.


Writing Prompt

Enter your writing prompt and any bio details here. 

(You can enter bio details or a link to your media page, or I’ll just make up something nice about you!)


Julie (signed)