Healing – A Short Story

Healing, a short story for writers in dark times

Yesterday morning, my iPad and iPencil kept telling me they needed recharged (yes, normally I write on paper, but I was working with electronics for…reasons).

I charged the iPad for a while, then, impatient, pulled the cord and moved around with it.

It worked for a while then complained it needed charged.

The same thing happened with the iPencil.

In my impatience to get things done I was trying short-term, stop-gap fixes.

Finally, I realized my devices were trying to tell me something I often ignore when my body tells me the same thing:

Sometimes we need to recharge fully!

So I went out for a walk.

And on that walk, I wrote this story, prose poem, tiny essay…whatever you want to call it.

So, if you’ve been worrying about the importance of your stories about faeries and sentient lizards, and romantic couples or self-rescuing princesses, when the world seems to be so full of Serious Issues (TM), this piece is for you.

Fiction brings us together.

Fiction shows us the truth.

Your voice matters.

The world needs your stories.

Do you believe you have a right to turn to your creativity when the world is dark? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Healing – A Short Story”

  1. Hi Julie. I did sort of the same thing. I decided to listen to a pre-recorded webinar while I did RealLife office work. The first exercise was called Thru the window. (Which it the name of my newsletter) I closed down all the windows on my computer and worked through the seminar. I wrote my very first poem (EVER)
    Thru the Window
    The clouds float by,
    I watch chickadees and deer,
    Smell rain.
    Thru the Window
    I wander the world around me,
    I wonder.
    Seasons change, my children grow.
    And go.
    Thru the Window
    I see another time, another place,
    the present, the past,
    The future.

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