You are not Brandon Sanderson

podcast episode 243 You Are Not Brandon Sanderson

…and you don’t have to be.

The writing world is fascinated with the tale of fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson who announced he had written four surprise novels over the pandemic and used a record-breaking Kickstarter to launch them.

So I’m here to remind you about the different paths available to writers, from creating a practice, to creating an empire that can run a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.


John Scalzi’s article: https://stada.me/scalzi

The 3-Day Challenge: https://storyaday.org/3dc

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Ready to write today, not “some day”?

One thought on “You are not Brandon Sanderson”

  1. It’s been insanely fun to watch his campaign. I mean, crazy fun for a guy who had, eek, never even heard of him. Now going to listen to your reality check.

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