What if writing was inevitable?

Does writing have to be a struggle? What if your writing felt inevitable? What impact would that have on your life?

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If not, you could find yourself, two weeks from now having written nothing,  unsure of what you want to be writing, struggling to find your rhythm again.

I have mindset change to make you joyfully productive. Read on…

Use Your Powerful Imagination

Imagine, instead, that you had a plan for the first two weeks of October. What would that look like?

What if, instead of avoiding your writing and worrying about how hard it was going to be to get back to it, you simply continued writing, with ease? 

What if writing felt inevitable?

How would that make you feel?

What else would you be able to achieve in your life, if you were meeting your writing goals, and as a result, feeling strong, accomplished…invincible?

Would you be a better friend? A more giving partner? A more generous critique partner? A more inspiring parent? A more assertive advocate for your own needs? A more confident advocate for the needs of others? A happier employee? A better boss? 

When you prioritize your writing you are more completely yourself. And when you feel good about yourself it is easier to believe in, and support others. 

How To Make Writing Inevitable

I’m not promising that this is going to happen overnight, but as with any other meaningful change, making the commitment is the foundational step.

Grab your notebook or your keyboard and spend some time with these questions: 

  • What have you learned about your writing when it’s going well (perhaps during this latest challenge)?
  • What is already possible for you in your writing life?
  • How can you make that easier to achieve, more regularly? How can you approach it with a sense of playfulness?
  • What, specifically, is holding you back right now? (Think about tools, mindset and skills). What would it take to start fixing that?
  • What is your contingency plan for those days when you don’t meet your writing goals (or forget about them!). How will you achieve a tiny win [LINK] or forgive yourself?

Words matter.

Stop saying that you want to be a writer, or that you wish you were writing.

Tell yourself: “writing, for me, is inevitable.”

And then use the exercises in this article to begin to make that your reality.

What will YOU do to make writing inevitable in your life? Leave a comment.

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